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Direct Method and learning English

Zapraszamy cię do lektury tego krótkiego artykułu na temat metody bezpośredniej i jej skuteczności w nauczaniu języka angielskiego. Poprosiliśmy naszego Nativa o wypowiedzenie się na temat metody bezpośredniej, którą naucza u nas już od wielu lat.

At Rapid, we use a teaching method called the “direct method”. What, you might ask yourself, is the direct method – and why do we use it?

The direct method is built on the idea that the most important part of learning a language is using it. You don’t want to sit in a class for two hours and listen to someone talking. You want to learn how to use English in a practical way.

native speaker
English native speaker

Using the direct method means we will ask you lots of questions. Now, we understand that this might sound scary. But when do we have to use English in real life? Very often it is when people are asking us questions! The waiter asking us what we want to eat for dinner. The interviewer asking us why we want a job. The new friend asking us who we are and where we come from. Questions are part of life!
Also, answering questions about the words we are learning, or answering questions using the grammar we have learned, helps us to remember English for the future. Do we learn to ride a bike by listening to someone talk about riding a bike? No, we learn by riding a bike!

(Remember: no one thinks that it is bad to make mistakes. Making mistakes, and learning from them, is how we improve!)

Using the direct method means not using the students’ native language in our lessons unless we absolutely need to. You can use Polish in your home, and in your work, and in the shop, and in the church, and on Facebook, but in our lessons we use English so you will have maximum practice and maximum experience. We believe the only way to learn is to challenge ourselves – but also that with effort and experience we can all succeed!

At Rapid, we also believe that learning should be fun. When we ask questions, we try to make them funny and interesting as well as useful, and we love to use visual materials, games and role plays to help.
So, come and learn using the direct method with us. We don’t think you will regret it! More about the direct method here.

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